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Wheel Skewers


Wheel Skewers for Sale

Responsible for holding the front and rear wheel securely in place, there are typically three common types of skewer available, Quick-Release, Bolt-On, and Thru-Axle.

A quick-release skewer consists of a rod, which is threaded at one end, and with a lever operated cam assembly at the other end. These slip through the center of hollow axle hubs to offer a tool-free hold of the wheel to the bicycle.

A bolt-on skewer operates in the same fashion as a quick-release with the exception that instead of a tool-free lever, there will be a hex-style bolt that requires an allen key or similar tool to secure the skewer in place.

Thru-axles are slightly different in that they are a larger diameter and slide through a hole in the frame, securing the wheel in place. Unlike the common quick release or bolt-on skewer, thru-axles, typically only found on more expensive mountain and road bikes, are often specific to the frame or fork.

Skewers length will often differ slightly from road to mountain bikes, with 100mm front and 130mm rear standard on many road bikes. Mountain bike front skewers are typically the same as found on road wheelsets, with just a little extra length to account for a thicker dropout. However, rear wheel skewers can differ depending on the bike, the common range runs between 135-150mm.