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Gravel Tyres


Gravel bike tyres are designed specifically for riding on gravel roads and other unpaved surfaces. They are wider and more durable than traditional road bike tyres and have a more aggressive tread pattern to provide better traction and stability on loose and uneven terrain.

Features of Gravel Bike Tyres

One key feature of gravel bike tyres is their width. They typically range from 35mm to 45mm, with some even going up to 50mm. This increased width provides a larger contact patch with the ground, which results in better traction and stability. The wider tyres also help to absorb vibrations and provide a more comfortable ride on rough surfaces.

Another important aspect of gravel bike tyres is their tread pattern. Unlike road bike tyres, which have a smooth surface, gravel bike tyres have a more aggressive tread pattern with knobs or lugs that provide better grip on loose surfaces. This tread pattern also helps clear mud and debris from the tyre, which can improve traction and prolong the tyre's life.

There are also different types of rubber compounds used for gravel bike tyres. Some use a harder rubber compound which is more durable and resistant to punctures, while others use a softer rubber compound which provides better grip and traction.

Gravel bike tyres are also designed with a more durable construction to withstand the rough conditions of gravel roads. They have reinforced sidewalls and puncture protection layers to resist cuts, punctures, and abrasions.

Gravel bike tyres are also available in different tubeless or tubetype options. Tubeless tyres can be run at a lower pressure, which can provide better traction and a more comfortable ride. They also eliminate the need for an inner tube, which can reduce the risk of punctures.