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BMX Helmets


BMX helmets are a type of helmet specifically designed for BMX (bicycle motocross) riding. BMX riding often involves either performing stunts and tricks on a bike, often on dirt tracks or skateparks, or racing on bespoke circuits. Because of the nature of the sport, BMX helmets are designed to provide a higher level of protection for the rider's head and face than traditional road cycling helmets.

What makes a BMX Helmet

BMX helmets are typically made from a hardshell construction, a durable plastic material covering the outside of the helmet. The inner layer of the helmet is usually made from soft foam padding that is designed to absorb impact and provide a comfortable fit. The helmet also has straps to secure it to the rider's head and an adjustable fit system to make sure the helmet stays securely in place during a ride.

BMX helmets are often designed with full-face protection, including a chin guard and a visor. This gives them a distinct appearance, compared to traditional cycling helmets, and provides added protection for the rider's face and jaw. These features are particularly useful for BMX riders who may be more likely to fall and hit their face during a ride.

Some BMX helmets also come with additional features, such as vents that allow for airflow to keep the rider cool and multiple shell sizes to accommodate riders of different head sizes.

When choosing a BMX helmet, it is important to ensure that it meets the safety standards for the specific type of riding you will be doing. It is also important to choose a helmet that fits properly and is comfortable to wear, as well as one that you like the look of.