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Bont Cycling Shoes


Bont is an Australian company that specialises in producing high-performance cycling shoes. The company was founded in 1975 by Inze Bont, who started making speed skating boots before branching into cycling shoes.

Features of Bont Cycling Shoes

Bont cycling shoes are known for their unique construction and design, which includes a one-piece carbon fibre chassis that provides exceptional stiffness and power transfer. Bont also uses heat moulding technology to customize the fit of their shoes to each rider's foot, resulting in a shoe that is both comfortable and efficient.

Popular Bont Cycling Shoe Models

One popular model of Bont cycling shoe is the Vaypor S. The Vaypor S is a road cycling shoe with a fully customisable fit, and a lightweight and durable construction optimised for power transfer. The shoe also has several other features, such as a ventilated tongue and anti-stretch material to ensure a comfortable and long-lasting fit.

Bont has also produced a range of other cycling shoe models, including mountain bike and track cycling shoes. The company has a reputation for innovation and quality, with many professional cyclists using Bont shoes in competitions.

In addition to its cycling shoe production, Bont has also been involved in other sports, such as speed skating and roller derby. The company focuses on research and development, constantly seeking to improve and innovate its products.