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Bike Lights


Bike Lights

Riding a bike at night can be a harrowing experience. Night-time riding without adequate lighting is also illegal. Regardless of where you’re riding in Australia, you’ll need a white front bike light and a red rear bike light to be in compliance with the law.

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These days, bike lights come in an assortment of types, styles and intensity levels. You’ll find them all right here at BikeExchange, Australia’s number one online marketplace for everything bike!

Exploring the Different Types of Bike Lights

The type of lighting system you choose depends in large part on when and where your ride. High-output lighting systems, which often consist of rechargeable bike lights, are best when riding after dark as they provide maximum illumination. Safety lights – which can be fitted on the front, rear and either side – make it easier for you to be seen when riding in dim light or during daytime hours. However, they’re not bright enough for night-time riding.

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Bike light types can be further classified in terms of performance. LED bike lights are the most energy efficient and available in numerous brightness levels. The number of lumens refers to the amount of light that the product projects. Many cyclists report that having high-output bike lights installed gives them the opportunity to get out and enjoy their bikes more often. There is an added feeling of comfort and security when riding at night, as well as when you’re riding in thick bush pine forests, etc.

You’ll also want to ensure your bike lights provide the appropriate beam pattern. A narrow pattern is preferable when riding in lit areas, while a broader pattern is more suitable for riding on dark roads.

BikeExchange Offers an Assortment of Lights From Leading Manufacturers

Just a quick browse of our online marketplace reveals a wide selection of high-quality bike lights offered for sale by Australian bike shops. You’ll find an assortment of bike headlights, rear lights and side lights from the most respected manufacturers in the cycling industry.

Browse Our Current Selection of Bike Lights

Take a few minutes to check out our current selection consisting of well over a thousand innovative bike light products. Multiple buying options are also available. Depending on the product, you can complete the entire transaction online via our safe and secure e-commerce store. You can also pay online and pick up your product at the shop or contact the store to make your own payment and collection arrangements.