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Cycling Tools


Cycling Tools Overview

Bike maintenance is an essential, yet often overlooked aspect of cycling. Not only does it ensure safety, but a basic routine check will also maximise performance, function and longevity of your bicycle investment.

While it is often good to take your bike to your local bike shop or mechanic for a regular service, a basic home adjustment may be all that is needed to save you both time and money.

Essential Cycling Tools

We believe that there are a few bicycle tools in particular that are a must have for proper maintenance and repair. Remember – a little maintenance and repair knowledge will not only improve your performance potential, but it will ensure your own safety and prevent bigger issues and costs being incurred later down the track.

Hex keys

A complete set of Hex keys, or Allen keys, is a definite must have for the home tool collection. They’ll ensure that just about every bike adjustment can be attended to – whether it’s changing brake pads, fixing your headset, changing your seat height or tightening your pedals! A set that covers 1.5 to 10mm is likely all you’ll need.

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A basic multitool will include an assortment of essential tools in a convenient compact size to help cover you from almost any situation.

Although having a slightly more limited selection of Allen key sizes than a full set, a multitool often features additional tools like Phillips or flathead screwdrivers, a T25 star key or even a basic chain breaker.

As the perfect accompaniment to your saddlebag, backpack or back pocket, a multitool will help get you sorted with any issues when on the bike, getting you back on your way both quickly and efficiently.

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Chain Wear Indicator

A chain wear indicator is an important addition to your tool set for several reasons. Checking your chain's wear or stretch will ensure shifting potential isn’t compromised, decrease your chances of snapping a chain during a ride or race, and prevent you wearing out your cassette too quickly.

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Torque Wrench

Modern performance bicycles require delicate attention, especially where carbon fibre is involved. A torque wrench is the right tool for the job when tightening fasteners that call for a recommended torque. Many applications, such as stems, just need a simple ‘fixed’ torque wrench. While more expensive adjustable torque wrenches may be a better choice if you’re looking to perform a variety of tasks.

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Cycling Tools for Sale

BikeExchange offers a wide range of bicycle tools from leading brands such as BBB, Park Tool, Ice Toolz, Topeak and Lezyne. These products account for more than just function; with many offering ergonomic design and top quality materials ensuring that these carefully crafted bicycle tools are the perfect complement for your bike!