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Bike Brakes & Parts


The brake system on your bike plays a big role in the safe operation of your bicycle. If your brakes aren’t up to scratch, you’re putting yourself and others around you at risk of injury, so it’s important that they’re properly maintained and in good working order.

Bike Brakes and Parts for Sale

In addition to complete rim and disc brake sets, BikeExchange has a wide range of parts available for all riding disciplines from leading retailers across the country. Stocking leading brands, such as Shimano, Swisstop, SRAM and BBB, whether it’s a new set of brake pads, cables, levers or rotors, all your brake maintenance and upgrade needs are sorted.

Looking for more information on brake maintenance? The BikeExchange blog has you sorted with an indepth guide on how to fit and change your road bike brake pads. Looking to put them to good use? See the BikeExchange blog and their pro-tip guide on how to descend on a road bike.