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Cycling Vests


The cycling vest, commonly known as a gilet, is one of the most versatile pieces of kit a cyclist can have in their wardrobe.

Types of Cycling Vests for Sale

There are commonly two different types of cycling vests available, lightweight gilets and heavier insulating vests.

Lightweight vests provide additional warmth on colder mornings and can help you keep warm on a descent. They typically have a mesh back to stop you from overheating, while the front is made of a windproof material. They are the most common cycling vest available and designed to be packable, meaning they’re easily stored in a jersey pocket when they’re no longer required

Insulated cycling vests provide more warmth again. They’re designed to be worn over a jersey for the duration of a ride meaning they often lack the ability to be packed down and stored in a jersey pocket when not in use. They will provide an extra layer of thermal protection for your torso making you more comfortable when riding in the winter months or colder climates. These thicker vests often offer some rain protection too.

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