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Northwave Cycling Shoes


Italian brand Northwave is well-known in the world of cycling shoes and offers a wide range of shoes for road, mountain, triathlon, gravel and indoor cycling.

Features of Northwave Cycling Shoes

Carbon Fibre Sole: Many of Northwave's high-end cycling shoes feature a carbon fibre sole, which offers excellent stiffness and power transfer. The carbon sole also helps to reduce weight, making the shoes more comfortable to wear over long distances.

SLW2 Dial Closure System: Northwave's SLW2 dial closure system is designed to provide a customised and secure fit. The system allows you to adjust the shoe's fit with a single dial, which can be operated with one hand. The dial offers micro-adjustment for a precise fit and can be easily released with a single button.

Biomap Upper: Northwave uses a Biomap upper in many of its shoes, designed to conform to the foot's shape for a comfortable and secure fit. The upper is made from various materials, including mesh and synthetic leather, which helps to provide ventilation and durability.

XFrame Support: Some Northwave shoes feature XFrame support, a system of straps that wrap around the foot for added support and stability. This helps prevent the foot from slipping or shifting inside the shoe, improving power transfer and reducing the risk of injury.

Gore-Tex Membrane: Northwave offers some shoes with a Gore-Tex membrane designed to provide waterproofing and breathability. This can be especially useful for cyclists who ride in wet or cold conditions, as it helps to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

Northwave cycling shoes are known for their high-quality materials, precise fit, and innovative technologies. Whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker, or indoor rider, Northwave offers a range of shoes to meet your needs and help you perform at your best.