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Flat Bar Road Bikes


Flat Bar Road Bikes for Sale

Flat bar road bikes are road bikes fitted with flat handlebars instead of the dropdown handlebars that are on more traditional road bikes. They’re therefore not used for competitive racing, but are popular with people who want much of the speed, performance, and technology offered by modern road bikes, but with a more upright riding position. It’s a relatively new form of bicycle, but nearly all-leading bike brands now offer multiple flat-bar road bike options.

At BikeExchange you will find flat bar road bikes for sale from bike shops and individual sellers, with brands such as Giant, Avanti, Liv, and Cannondale. And because we’re the online marketplace for everything bike, you can be sure that you will get the best possible deal by browsing our range.

What you need to know

Any flat bar road bike for sale should offer you all of the components and features that you would expect if you were buying a standard road bike with a dropdown handlebar. This means a lightweight frame, comfortable seat, efficient brakes, and high-quality gears.

They should also have narrow tyres (below 35mm in width) so that you are able to ride with maximum speed and efficiency on the pavement. Often they don't have tyres that are quite as narrow as pure racing road bikes though, so you have the option of taking them onto paths that don't have completely smooth surfaces. This also makes them slightly more forgiving when going over bumps or dead roads.

Just like road bikes, flat bar road bikes should not feature suspension. This is due to the fact that these bikes are designed for use on smoother surfaces, where the addition of suspension only adds weights and reduces efficiency.

If you’re looking for a more versatile or even more comfortable cycling option, we recommend you also check out our range of Hybrid Bikes. A Hybrid offers wider tyres, wider range of gearing, an even more upright ride position and often suspension in addition to the features a flat bar road bike.

Important facts about flat bar road bikes

The distinguishing feature of a flat bar road bike is the handlebar, which offers an upright and generally more comfortable riding position. It is not as ultra-efficient as the riding position achieved with a dropdown handlebar, but many riders are happy to give up the small increases in performance for a position that is more comfortable, and that allows them to ride for longer distances without neck or lower back pains.

The more upright riding position of a flat bar road bike also improves visibility and access to the brakes. This is an advantage in many situations, including when using the bike for commuting in busy cities.

Are flat bar road bikes any good?

Flat bar road bikes are a great option for anyone who’s looking to get into casual cycling or exercise biking but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a road bike. Road bikes are actually pretty inconvenient to use as anything but a true, sporty road bike. Flat bar road bikes, on the other hand, are great for use as commuter bikes, family bikes, and many other casual/non-sports uses. The only thing that a flat bar road bike should not be used for is mountain biking; only a mountain bike can truly handle the intensity of those trails!

Flat bar bikes, just like road bikes, do not have any suspension or shocks, so they’re best used on smooth surfaces with very few bumps- no rocks, gravel, or mountain paths, just smooth concrete. If you’ll be riding across varied terrain often, it’s probably better to get a hybrid bike, gravel bike, or mountain bike. Otherwise, flat bar road bikes can fit nearly anyone’s needs.

Flat bar road bikes are perfect when used for exercise and long-distance rides. They’re comfortable, light, and plenty fast for almost any type of exercise. Many times, you will see these bikes listed as “hybrid bikes” because they blend the gap between different types of bikes. For most beginner or expert cyclists, a flat-bar road bike is a perfect choice for intense workouts, riding back and forth to work, and just taking a nice calm ride in the morning. The versatility of flat bar road bikes is part of what makes them such a popular choice for cyclists of all kinds!

If you’re looking to buy your first bike, or you’ve found that your mountain bike or road bike isn’t as convenient as you’d prefer it to be for casual use, a flat bar road bike is perfect for you. They have the sporty design you need to travel fast and get great exercise, but the more relaxed handlebars and wider wheels give them more stability and comfort. No matter what your biking purposes are, it’s very likely that a flat bar road bike can serve you well!

Choosing a flat bar road bike

If you are buying a flat bar road bike, you will quickly find out that there are lots of options to choose from. At BikeExchange, there are hundreds of listings from bike shops and individual sellers from around Australia. The range includes high-performance models priced in the thousands, as well as high-quality options that cost hundreds. Your decision will depend on your budget and how you plan to use the bike.

With our easy to use search engine, you can categorise your search and narrow down the options. Once you have found the bike you’re looking for, you can choose to ‘Click & Collect’ the bike in-store, or ‘Buy Online’ and have your new bike delivered directly to your door.

Looking for help with narrowing down your focus? Our Blog team has rounded up the top $800 flat bar road bikes of 2017.