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Kids Scooters


Kids Scooters

Scooters are a perfect active toy for children of all ages. They’re easy to ride, promote an active lifestyle, and provide hours of fun. If you are looking for ways to encourage your children to get more exercise or want to enjoy the outdoors with them, consider getting a kids scooter for boys or girls today! BikeExchange is Australia’s number one destination for all things cycling, the marketplace for mountain bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters, and more!

Kids scooters are two-wheeled, manually-powered vehicles that resemble a skateboard with handles. The handlebars are situated atop a metal bar attached to the footbed, letting the rider steer and balance using their hands, not just their feet. Kids scooters are fun toys that promote healthy and active living for young children. Scooters have some distinct advantages compared to bikes and skateboards that are worth mentioning.

First, scooters are considerably slower than bikes and even skateboards. Kicking a metal scooter isn’t the most efficient form of travel, which prevents scooters from being a suitable way to commute to work. For kids, though, that slow speed is a big plus- slower speeds mean safer play and more confident riders.

Second, kids scooters are a great investment because they’re tough to grow out of. The metal pole that connects the handlebars to the base will usually telescope up or down. That means a child can use the same scooter for a few years, increasing the handlebars' height as they grow! Kids bikes also have adjustable seats, but kids tend to grow out of bikes every year or two. For example, a 20-inch kids bike will be great until your child is taller than 135cm. If you don’t want to drop a lot of money on a bike that won’t fit your child by the end of the year, consider getting them a scooter instead!

Another great benefit of scooters is that they are very portable. They can fold and collapse very easily, making it a breeze to store them away inside the home, in the car, or anywhere else. Bikes, even small bikes made for kids, are a complete pain to store if your home doesn’t have much space. If you live in a smaller home or are constantly on the go with your kids, getting them a scooter rather than a bike can save you many headaches!

Finally, kids scooters are effortless to use. They’re incredibly intuitive; even children as young as 4 years old can learn to ride a scooter without too much difficulty. Learning to ride a bike or skateboard is an intensive process that sometimes requires many hours and patience. Riding a bicycle for the first time is intimidating and can be a challenge to your child’s confidence. An easy-to-learn yet very rewarding scooter can help them build motor skills and confidence that will make learning to ride a bike much easier down the road!

What are the different types of kids scooters?

Two-Wheeled Kick Scooters

Two-wheeled kick scooters are the most common type of scooter for kids. They are the easiest to find and aren’t difficult to use. This type of scooter is ideal for most kids, no matter how big they are. Many kids scooters can even fit a regular-sized adult, albeit a bit uncomfortably! Kick scooters are also used in skate parks by adventure athletes looking for a fun alternative to skateboards. Whether you have a young child who wants to have simple fun or a rambunctious pre-teen itching for adventure, kick scooters are a perfect gift!

Three-Wheeled Kick Scooters

Three-wheeled scooters are an ideal choice for younger kids who can’t yet balance on a two-wheeled scooter. Having two front wheels makes these scooters much more stable and, therefore, perfect for toddlers. If you feel like your child might not be ready for a normal scooter, it’s wise to get them a three-wheeled version.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters, also known as e-scooters, are relatively new on the scene. Most e-scooters are intended for teens and adults, but there are some models built for children. Powered by small but powerful electric motors and lithium-ion batteries, these scooters are sure to be a huge hit as a birthday or holiday gift. E-scooters for kids are slower than ones made for adults, which reduces the amount of risk assumed by riding a motorised scooter.

Are scooters safe?

Scooters are very safe for kids, especially compared to kids bikes. Kids bikes aren’t unsafe per se, but crashes and scrapes are much more likely to happen to kids on bikes than on scooters. When something happens that causes a bike to crash; it’s hard to dismount safely, especially for kids. On a scooter, the child can dismount and instantly be on their feet. This makes them one of the safest manually-powered vehicles for kids.

No tricycle, bicycle, or kids scooter is completely safe, however. Kids need time and patience to learn how to ride their scooters safely. It would be best if you planned to give them lots of support and supervision until they can confidently ride without too much risk. The only way that a kids scooter becomes unsafe is if the child riding it is not prepared. Balance and technique are not the only things that matter, however.

The primary reason that riding a scooter can lead to crashes and accidents is a lack of awareness. If you give your child a scooter, make sure you instruct them on being mindful of their surroundings. This means keeping their eyes up, not going too fast, and being ready to slow down, stop, or dismount whenever obstacles present themselves!

Are electric scooters safe for kids?

E-scooters can be a blast to ride, and there are many models designed for kids to use. While they may be fun, e-scooters for kids can be a lot trickier to handle than their manual counterparts. They’re still safe in the hands of kids who have been given enough instruction and supervision, but you may want to stick with a manual scooter if you are concerned.

Where can I buy kids scooters near me?

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