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Gravel Bikes


Gravel Bikes

One of the fastest-growing forms of cycling is called “adventure cycling”. This is a term that refers to extensive off-road and all-terrain cycling that is geared toward exploring and adventure more than traditional mountain biking is. If you think a long day or even a multi-day cycling tour is something you’d enjoy, you should take a look at how gravel bikes can help you conquer that adventure cycling tour!

What is a gravel bike?

Gravel bikes, sometimes called adventure bikes, are bicycles designed for extended all-terrain trips. Sometimes people get confused with mountain bikes and hybrid bikes because these bikes are also designed to function well on dirt, rock, and other types of rough terrain. But, gravel bikes are a distinct type of bicycle that offers a lot more than just stability on rough ground.

Gravel bikes have a lot in common with road bikes. They have lightweight designs and frames made of light materials like aluminium and carbon or other alloys. Also, they’re designed for long hours of riding and can reach high speeds when you want to. But, they aren’t interchangeable with road bikes, because they have different handlebars, frame shapes, and much wider tyres.

These adventure bicycles are built for a type of cycling called “gravel grinding”. This refers to the type of ground they’re used on- not smooth roads, but not mountain biking trails, either. These bikes are designed for dirt roads, gravel paths, beaches, and other types of terrain that road bikes can’t handle. They also have a lot more storage capacity and the ability to attach panniers. This makes them great for adventure cycling and exploring- you can load up your bike and set out on an adventure into the great unknown with a top-notch gravel bike!

Gravel bikes are also the ideal type of bike for long-distance bikepacking, multi-day trips taken on bikes. You load up your bike the same way you would on a backpacking trip- tent, sleeping back, food, etc- and set out on the road. Many people seeking new adventures will try bikepacking as a way to cover more ground and get the same experience as backpacking but without the damage that backpacking can do to the knees and ankles.

Are gravel bikes worth it?

There are many situations in which a gravel bike is the absolute perfect bike to use. If you’re going to be biking over grass, gravel, or dirt, you need the traction that the tyres on a gravel bike provide. If you’re riding for long distances and need to keep your belongings safe without wearing a backpack, gravel bikes are the best option as well. For any extended trip that isn’t going to be exclusively on a smooth concrete road, the gravel bike is the ideal option. But, they are also far more versatile than you might think!

In a way, gravel bikes are like a “jack of all trades”, because they can be used as commuter bikes, cargo bikes, and even on some light mountain biking trails. This means you don’t have to use your gravel bike exclusively for gravel grinding or bicycle touring. They are comfortable and stable enough to be used on light mountain trails, for long road tours, and even just commuting back and forth to work.

Where can I buy gravel bikes near me?

Gravel bikes are becoming more and more popular as activities like adventure touring and bikepacking catch on with more people. As a result, many bike shops and bike manufacturers are designing gravel bikes each year. Bike Exchange is the best place to find a gravel bike because we combine all the world’s best brands, bike shops, and private sellers into one website!

You can find your gravel bike, bike wheels, bike accessories, cycling shoes, and more from Bike Exchange’s wide selection of more than 600,000 products. No matter what type of cycling you are interested in, or if you’re a complete beginner or seasoned expert, Bike Exchange is here to serve you. You can find cargo bikes, e-bikes, hardtail mountain bikes, and more all in the same place. Whether you’re looking to buy, trade, sell, or just learn more about cycling, we’re glad you’re here!