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Giro Cycling Shoes


Giro is a well-known brand that produces cycling products, including shoes designed for road, mountain, and gravel riding.


Giro cycling shoes feature a range of proprietary technologies designed to provide a comfortable, high-performance riding experience. One example is the Easton EC70 carbon fibre outsole, used in many of Giro's high-end road and mountain bike shoes. This outsole is designed to be stiff and lightweight, providing direct power transfer from the rider's foot to the pedal. Another technology Giro uses is the Synchwire upper, a seamless, engineered mesh that provides a snug, supportive fit without adding extra weight or bulk. Additionally, Giro's shoes often feature BOA closures, which use a dial and wire lacing system to provide a customizable, secure fit.


Giro cycling shoes are designed with a focus on performance and style. The shoes feature sleek, modern designs and come in various colours and styles to suit various tastes. Giro's shoes are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, with many models featuring reinforced toe boxes and heel cups for added protection and support.

Popular Models

Giro offers a range of cycling shoes designed for different types of riding. Their road cycling shoes, such as the Empire and Trans Boa models, are designed for high-performance riding and feature stiff outsoles and lightweight, breathable uppers. Their mountain biking shoes, such as the Terraduro and Privateer models, are designed to be durable and provide good grip and protection on rough terrain. Giro also offers shoes for gravel riding, such as the Sector and Ventana models, which feature a balance of stiffness and flexibility for a comfortable ride on mixed surfaces.

Giro also offers a range of women's-specific cycling shoes designed to provide a comfortable and supportive fit for female riders. These shoes often feature narrower lasts and additional padding in key areas, such as the tongue and heel cup, to provide a more secure and comfortable fit.