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Road Cycling Helmets


Road Helmet Overview

Not only paramount to ensure rider safety, it is important to remember that wearing a helmet whilst riding is required by Australian Law. As mentioned in our bicycle helmets overview page, leading global helmet manufacturers must satisfy the strict testing requirements to receive Australian Standard approval, and this has to be done for each particular model that is intended for sale within Australia.

As a result, it is often not in the best interest for a brand to make every production helmet model subject to these tests due to the expenses involved. It is vital that all Australian consumers therefore check relevant models for Australian Standard approval.

For a more comprehensive insight in to the Australian Standard testing and certification process, and other legal ramifications, its worth having a read of this article from CyclingTips.

Features of Road Bike Helmets

With the popularity of road cycling in Australia, there is a massive range of road helmets available on BikeExchange! We think that these are the most notable features of a road helmet in comparison to other models:


Surviving the Australian summer of riding or even just during periods of high intensity, ensuring you have adequate ventilation is crucial to keeping you both cool and comfortable. Extra vents may cost you a little aerodynamic performance, but it will prevent overheating and save you a little extra on weight. Typically, more expensive helmets will offer improved ventilation and internal channeling to direct the air over your head.


Strongly related to the above, road helmets are generally much lighter than other helmets. With thinner straps and a light shell, a performance road helmet will be extremely comfortable and almost make you believe you weren’t even wearing one! Typically, the higher the cost, the lower the weight.


Road helmets are specifically designed with aerodynamic performance in mind. Evidence suggests that at top end speeds, particularly when sprinting or during time-trials, an aerodynamically shaped helmet will increase performance. Beyond the helmet shape or design, this factor is often tied directly with ventilation.


Finally, it is important to note that helmets are meant to break or crack upon significant impact – it means they have done their job! Be sure to consider checking if a brand offers a Crash Replacement Policy, it may save you money if a replacement is needed.

Road Helmets for Sale

BikeExchange has a massive selection of Australian-approved road helmets for sale, from leading brands such as Giro, Lazer, Kask, Bell and Specialized. With so many styles to choose from, find your perfect road helmet today!

By law, all of BikeExchange’s retail partners can only sell Australian standard approved helmets. However, BikeExchange does not control the sales from private sellers.