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Developed and engineered to be the best bicycles in the world, Factor Bikes offer cyclists the freedom to go fast and have fun. With total control over every aspect of the design, development, and manufacturing process, Factor knows that its expanding lineup will enhance rides on all terrains. So where will you ride next?

Founded with a commitment to innovation, speed, and performance using advanced engineering, Factor Bikes represents the union of technology and integration. With a heritage deep in the world of motorsport and aviation, they constantly search for ways to innovate in their designs and products.

A history of racing excellence
The motorsport technology that helped define the earliest creations from Factor, like the bf1systems-developed power meter and the data logging system featured on early Factors, have helped push the industry further. These design initiatives continue to seep into Factor bikes. We’re not afraid to do things differently to push the technology forward.

Ostro Gravel

Aero gravel race bike

Speed is your goal. Every ride, whatever the surface, faster is what counts, and this is the gravel bike you’ve been waiting for. The OSTRO Gravel takes its ‘win everywhere’ mentality from its road racer stablemate, the OSTRO VAM, and is likewise developed to dominate its category with incredible aero, superior handling, high stiffness and low weight. With a tyre capacity of 45mm, it’s ready to go anywhere, fast.

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Road Bikes


The ultimate climbing bike

Lighten up your climbing

For anyone who lives in a hilly region, or simply enjoys the feeling of riding a super lightweight bike, the Factor O2 VAM proves to be the ultimate racing bike for hill climbing, stable descending, and all round ass kicking. Our deep experience working with carbon and knowing its benefits for everything from motorsports to professional cycling comes most clearly to the fore with our O2 VAM design.

Top Features

  • Lightweight Seatpost Clamp
  • Direct Mount Rear Derailleur Hanger
  • Split Spacers
Carbon expertise

Applying our knowledge to the building of the best carbon bikes in the peloton starts with the selection of materials used and how to get the best out of them. We mix and match the different types of carbon to the location on the frame where it will be the most effective. For instance, we incorporate boron within the seat tube, which reduces the weight while adding stability and strength. At the deepest layer of the frame, we use textreme, a spread-tow reinforcement that is a super lightweight support solution for carbon fiber composites. It is easily shaped into complex areas, so it can be used more efficiently. We’ve also included pitch carbon fibre in the top tube and down tube. It is ultra-high modulus and therefore astoundingly stiff.

Ultra Lightweight

For the ultimate manufacturing solution, we have developed high-pressure moulds that effectively remove all excessive resin from the base material, making the carbon stronger, lighter, and more efficient. That proves extremely important for the performance of the O2 VAM to ensure it remains lightweight without compromising the ride stiffness, durability, or responsive handling. The stiffness to weight ratio of the Factor O2 makes it possible to build up even the O2 Disc with standard components and still enjoy the featherweight performance of an ultra light bike.

Carefully Considered Integration

The O2 VAM uses a standard size (1-⅛) upper headset bearing system to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the frame and retain the aero benefits over using a wider bearing. Unlike many manufacturers, the bearing width and headtube are not increased to facilitate an internal system. The end result is a beautifully integrated O2 VAM that retains its elegant silhouette and improves aerodynamics by hiding the cables.

from AU$ 13,790
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Gravel Bikes


High speed gravel racer

Conquer the Dirt

One thing that makes gravel such an exciting discipline is that there are so many different types of gravel styles and conditions a rider can face. The Factor LS meets all those challenges with the full intent to be the fastest, super capable gravel racing bike for pro and amateur cyclists alike. Made using lightweight carbon that can provide both comfort and durability, the LS represents your ticket to adventure.

Top Features

  • T47 threaded bottom bracket
  • Optimized for 40mm tires (up to 43mm)
  • Electric and mechanical compatible
Lightweight and responsive

When designing the LS, we were laser focused on keeping the frame lean, light, and responsive without being distracted by unnecessary add-ons. This is a bike that begs to be ridden at race speeds whether it’s rough terrain or smooth tarmac. Nimble and durable simultaneously, the Factor LS easily segues from city streets to forest trails and back again without missing a beat. The rigid chasse helps it climb like a dream and descend with confidence.

Designed for fast gravel rides

The perfectly balanced geometry combined with the frame’s stiffness translate into powerful accelerations. With shorter seat stays and refined steering trail, racers maintain the ability to react in a heartbeat to the often unpredictable dirt road conditions while still running tires with appropriate volume for fast riding on rough gravel. The LS is optimized for 40mm tires and is compatible with both 1x and 2x electronic and mechanical shifting.

The perfect pairing

The Black Inc THIRTY-FOUR carbon gravel-oriented wheels were designed specifically with the LS in mind. Lightweight, durable, and offering a rim profile perfect for fast situations over mixed terrain, the THIRTY-FOURs complete this dream gravel racing package. The rim width accommodates wider tires ideal for going off the beaten path.

from AU$ 11,790
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Mountain Bikes


Fast full suspension XC racer

A 29er to rollover your best times

You know the type. You see them at all the trail heads. Out-front Garmin mount. Closer fitting gear and lightweight helmet. Looking for ways to get their best times on their favorite trails. Maybe you are one of them. If so, you’ll love the Factor LANDO XC. This lightweight full suspension 29er elbows its way to the front of the start line with a race-oriented geometry and suspension working together. Fast and fun, it’s the perfect mountain bike for Cape Epic aspirants, gravel crossovers, and roadies looking to get dirty.

Top Features

  • Full length down tube protector
  • Sleek seat post clamp
  • Anti-rotation guard
  • CeramicSpeed bearings
Vertically oriented shock

Choosing to design the LANDO XC with a vertical shock offers huge benefits both for weight savings and ridigity: shock forces can be concentrated in the robust and already built-up bottom bracket region, thereby allowing for a svelte top tube that doesn't require excessive carbon layering and weight. The design also ensures that the shock is completely isolated from any side loads, thus improving shock life and small bump sensivity by removing binding.

Predictable suspension

Riders who take their XC training and racing seriously rely on having predictable suspension in any gear. No matter if you're putting the hammer down on a climb or a flowy trail, nobody wants to have to deal with kickback or brake jack. That's why we've designed a proprietary single pivot "faux-bar" linkage with rear travel of 115mm based on a 45mm stroke shock, and 100mm based on a 40mm stroke shock. The philosophy behind our kinematics keeps anti-squat in the 90% range to ensure the suspension will stay firm but active when you are pushing the watts. You won't need to know jack or squat.

Split seat tube

Factor design features are never there just for show. The LANDO XC's split seat tube is not only a reference to the Twin Vane EVO split down tube on our road bikes, but also allows for the use of monobox chainstay and low weight. Shared pivots directly mounted into the frames give a super stiff, well aligned interface for the entire suspension to ride on.

from AU$ 14,390
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