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Cycling Shoes


Cycling Shoes

If you want to become a serious cycler, improve your times and pedal more effectively, you need to upgrade to using cycling shoes. They make riding faster much easier and can really improve your enjoyment of cycling. More than that, though, cycling shoes are necessary for people who want to get competitive and start entering races and competitions. BikeExchange isn’t just the best place on the internet to get bikes; it’s also the best place to get cycling shoes and other cycling accessories! Read on to learn more about what a good pair of cycling shoes can do for you!

Do cycling shoes help?

Cycling shoes have two features that make them ideal for intense bike workouts, competitions, and long cycling tours. First, they have a rigid and inflexible sole. Normal running shoes, tennis shoes, and training shoes have soft, bouncy soles that reduce the impact on your knees. This is great for most purposes and can prevent knee pain and foot injuries. The soft, springy soles are bad for cycling, however.

When you’re pedalling a bike and wearing regular shoes, some of the energy you put into pedalling is lost in the soft cushion of your shoes. Cycling shoes, because they have a more solid and inflexible sole, maximise the amount of energy transferred from your foot into the pedal, minimising the lost energy. This makes every pedal more efficient and powerful, propelling you farther, faster, and higher.

Second, cycling shoes are very stable because they clip into the bike pedals. This prevents your feet from slipping, making the use of bike shoes much more efficient, safe, and comfortable. When you’re going to be on your bike for several kilometres (or even hours) at a time, like in a long road race or bike tour, there won’t be many times where your feet will be touching the ground. This means you probably won’t need normal shoes until you’re done with your ride.

The solid connection between your cycling shoes and bike pedals means that each push will be more powerful and effective. Finally, these shoes are also typically comfortable and lightweight, making you that much more competitive and efficient!. When you’re cycling up large hills, trying to pass the competitor in front of you, or just trying to make the most of each push on a 100+ KM ride, you need all the advantages you can get!

What to look for in cycling shoes?

There are a few different cycling shoes, each optimised for a different bike sport or activity. So, while you start shopping around for shoes, keep the intended use in mind. The three most common cycling shoe types are road shoes, mountain bike shoes, and casual cycling shoes.

Road Cycling Shoe

The most common type of cycling shoe is the road cycling shoe. These shoes are lightweight, streamlined, and designed for fast pedalling and long riding hours. Road bike shoes are also known for having the stiffest soles and work best when paired with pedals with clips.

Mountain Biking Shoes

Shoes for mountain bikes are more rugged and durable, offering a bit of protection for your feet against rocks, sticks, and other obstacles that can tear your feet apart. Mountain bike shoes also have less intense flip features (if they even have clips at all) in case you need to unclip and dismount quickly. Because of the unpredictable nature of mountain biking, cycling shoes used for mountain biking are designed to be useful in various situations. Compared to road biking shoes, mountain biking shoes are much more relaxed and versatile.

Casual Bike Shoes

Casual biking shoes, however, are the simplest and most comfortable type of cycling shoe. The biggest drawback of cycling shoes is that they aren’t exactly great for walking around. The cleats on the bottom, combined with the extra-stiff soles, make walking in cycling shoes an awkward and sometimes painful affair. So, with most cycling shoes, you have to take them off as soon as the ride is over. These are great for use with hybrid bikes, commuter bikes, and other more casual cycling needs.

What type of cycling shoe should I get?

Casual bike shoes look and feel like simple sneakers with a stiff rubber sole (instead of soft foam soles like training shoes). They don’t use cleats to clip into pedals, but they do have a solid grip and are still stiffer than the shoes you’d wear on a normal, non-cycling day. Unless you’re going to be doing intense road cycling, mountain biking, or going on a long cycling tour, casual cycling shoes are likely all that you’ll need!

Where can I buy cycling shoes?

If you want to find the best cycling shoes at great prices, look no further than Bike Exchange. We have many different options for all types of cycling enthusiasts and bike accessories and as many types of bikes as you can name! Whether you’re looking for an e-bike, road bike, bike wheels, flat bar road bikes, hardtail mountain bikes, or just a nice pair of cycling shoes for men or women, BikeExchange is where you want to be!