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Cycling Jersey

It’s one thing to ride your bicycle through the rough and smooth terrains across Australia. However, it is a totally different experience when you have the right gear. Not only do you feel more confident but also look the part. A particular item that many riders forget is the cycling jersey. People ignore it because they don’t realise just how helpful it can be.

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Why should you wear a cycling jersey?

Here are just some of the most important reasons why you should dump that casual t-shirt and opt for a specially designed cycling jersey.

Manage sweat

Whether you know it or not, the truth is that your tennis or Saturday hang out t-shirt may actually be causing you to sweat more than you should while riding your bike. Most regular t-shirts are made of polyester, which has little to no breathability, and that can cause your average body temperature to spike as you cycle. What’s more, such t-shirts get heavier as it soaks in sweat and that can reduce your riding efficiency. On the other hand, cycling jerseys are made of sweat-wicking fabric that quickly absorbs sweat and dries instantly to ensure you don’t experience any discomfort.

UV protection

Riding over long distances exposes you to direct sunlight and this in itself makes it possible for UV rays from the sun to hit your skin. Without proper protection, prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can cause health complications. Many cycling jerseys options are designed to minimise the amount of sun rays that hit your skin and thereby help provide some level of protection.


One of the reasons why regular t-shirts get worn out quickly is because of abrasion. Basically, abrasion occurs when the garment gets a beating from various factors, including exposure to sunlight, rain and other elements. On the other hand, cycling jerseys are designed with anti-abrasion properties that ensure they maintain good structure even when subjected to rugged use.

Fit and elasticity

The last thing you want is to have your t-shirt getting caught in some bushes or getting entangled with some part of the bike. That can cause potential danger because it may distract you from the road. A cycling jersey often provides a tight fit which eliminates the possibility of getting entangled with anything. Additionally, such a jersey is elastic enough to allow you unrestricted movement as you engage in sophisticated manoeuvres.

Cover everything

You have probably experienced those awkward moments when your regular t-shirt or clothing accidentally exposes certain parts of the body you don’t feel comfortable having people look at. For example, that butt crack area, especially when you bend over to grab the handlebar. Cycling jerseys allow you to ride with confidence, knowing that no part will be exposed at any time. They usually have a more extended cut at the back for that purpose.

Weather adaptability

You never know when the sun will give way to the rain, and that is why you need to get dressed for both eventualities. A good cycling jersey has an unique collar and zipper. These two features allow you to adapt to the changing weather conditions. For example, if the temperatures are too low, you simply have to zip up and lift the collar to cover your neck area, which helps you prevent body heat loss. If the day gets hot, you simply have to unzip and turn the collar down so that your body can quickly lose the excessive heat.

Beneficial features

It’s hard to carry certain items in your hands as you ride, and that is why you may need a cycling jersey with functional features. Pockets on the jersey allow you to carry essential items such as a phone, keys and even tools that may be useful for a breakdown. Some jerseys have ports on the inside that allow you to run your earphone wires internally rather than having them flap loosely through the wind. Cycling jerseys may also have reflective features that make you visible to other road users and therefore prevent accidents.

How can you choose the best cycling jersey?

Keep the following information in mind when trying to pick the right cycling jersey for yourself or a loved one.


Some jerseys have a lot of features while others tend to be more on the minimalist side. It is up to you to decide which features are important for your personal needs. For example, do you need a cycling jersey with two pockets or three or none? Do you need a jersey that has reflective parts or one that is more conservative?

The size and colour

You need to determine your body size before picking the right cycling jersey. One that is either too large or too small may not be that comfortable to wear. Next, choose a jersey with a colour that you find attractive. Remember they are available in a wide range of colours including blue, orange, pink, yellow, white, grey and more.

Sleeves and zippers

There are long-sleeved and short-sleeved cycling jerseys available. Those with long sleeves are usually better suited for cold climates, while those with short sleeves may be ideal for warmer regions. Zippers make it easy for you to put on or take off your jersey. They also help regulate body heat.

Where can you buy quality cycling jerseys?

Buy top-quality cycling jerseys from the BikeExchange online store. We have a wide range of jerseys to suit kids, men and women. Browse through our user-friendly website, select the item that best suits your preference and let us have it delivered to you as soon as possible.